LIZ Hurley is reportedly in a dispute with her Ledbury neighbours.

The model and actresses' neighbours are reported to be upset after the star tore down nearly two dozen trees on her countryside estate, the Daily Mail has reported.

The paper says residents were 'horrified' by the destruction after tree surgeons descended onto the land at her manor house home Donnington Hall.

Some have also said animals' habitats will have been disturbed.

The actress has insisted that she sought professional advice when lopping the trees and obtained a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.

One neighbour told the paper: "The wood was full of ancient English oaks, and the undergrowth was full of wildlife including deer and badgers, and now many of the trees have been cut down and everything crushed to remove the logs.

"The noise has been non-stop for a week, while she's away on another holiday, and the remains of the wood now look like a battlefield."

Another said: "Logs are piling up close to the footpath. We'd rather the woodland had just been left for wildlife. The view of daffodils here in spring is marvellous."

A Herefordshire Council spokesman said: "The site does not appear to sit within a conservation area or have a Tree Preservation Order upon it and therefore would not require an application to carry out works.

"If there is extensive tree removal the works may well require a Felling Licence which falls within the remit of the Forestry Commission.

"'The site does fall within the local landscape character type; Principal Timbered Farmlands and therefore woodland is one of the key characteristics of the local landscape, in addition there is ancient woodland nearby."

The 56-year-old, who lives with her model son Damian, 19, made national news when she posted bikini pictures from her estate last year.

The swimwear designer bought the £6 million home in 2012 and lived there with cricketer boyfriend Shane Warne, 52 before they split.