Christmas is the perfect time of year if you're a chocoholic, with selection boxes and tins filling the house, you're often spoilt for choice. 

With the festive season now fast approaching, Cadbury has unveiled the products that will make up its Christmas 2021 range.

So what new chocolate treats will Cadbury be selling this Christmas and where can you find them?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s new in the Cadbury Christmas 2021 range?

Cadbury has unveiled 12 new products for Christmas 2021. Some have already launched, while the brand said the rest would appear in October and November.

Here’s a full list of the new products, how much they will cost and where they can be found (available in all major supermarkets nationwide, unless otherwise stated).

  • Cadbury Puds (recommended retail price: 65p)

After a near 20-year hiatus, this 1990s throwback has returned to supermarket shelves in 2021.

It contains a truffle centre with hazelnut and rice crisp pieces, which have been coated in Dairy Milk.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Orange (rrp: £1.49)

With chocolate orange said by Cadbury to be a flavour on the up in the UK, it has released this new bar.

But the orange nugget-infused bar is only available as a limited-edition, so you will have to catch it soon if you want to try it.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate House (rrp: £14)

Cadbury claims to have reinvented the Gingerbread House festive tradition with this new chocolate house.

The kit contains: two bags of White Buttons, two Dairy Milk Gingerbread bars, two Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bars, two Dairy Milk bars and a Cadbury Flake.

  • Cadbury Tree Decorations (rrp: £2.15 for a 12-pack or £3.49 for an 18-pack)

Coming in two pack sizes, these decorations boast a redesigned bauble shape.

If you’re adding these treats to your tree and you have a four-legged friend, make sure to put them well out of reach.

  • Cadbury Advent Calendar: Build Your Own Christmas Tree (rrp: £6)

If you can’t be bothered to get a tree, Cadbury might have the solution for you this Christmas.

This advent calendar turns into a pop-up tree when opened, the brand said.
Every time a calendar door is opened, users can add a festive decoration to their cardboard foliage.

  • Cadbury Freddo Advent Calendar (rrp: £3.99)

Freddo bars are usually seen as a useful tool with which to track inflation.

But now you’ll be able to track the countdown to Christmas with the chocolate frog character.

  • Cadbury Freddo Cracker (rrp: £5.99)

If the advent calendar did not provide you with enough Freddo, then you can buy Freddo crackers as well.
The set comes with four crackers and was said by Cadbury to be ideal for families.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Collection of Festive Favourites (rrp: £5.95)

Said to be ideal for a Secret Santa, this selection box will contain four bars.

These include two Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bars, one Dairy Milk Gingerbread bar and a Dairy Milk Orange Winter bar.

  • Cadbury White Christmas Collection (rrp: £5.95)

Containing two Cadbury White bars, one Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland bar and one White Oreo bar, the selection box is likely to be a hit with those who like their chocolate sweet.

It rolled into Asda stores in September.

  • Cadbury White Jingly Bells (rrp: £1.49)

White chocolate lovers can also rejoice in this small pouch of small chocolate balls.

Exclusive to Asda stores, the packs have a resealable pouch - although it’s doubtful they will be sealed all that often before they’re finished.

  • Cadbury Wispa Pouch (rrp: £6.29)

Said by Cadbury to be “full of cheeky chunks” of its luxurious chocolate bar, the pouch is set to be exclusive to Morrisons.

  • Cadbury Crunchie Bits Pouch (rrp: £6.29)

Set to be exclusive to Asda, the 350g pouch will offer the flavour and texture of a Crunchie in a bite-sized format.

Other Cadbury products to look out for

While the Quality Street vs. Roses debate will probably rage on all eternity, everyone can at least appreciate the design of the 2021 Roses tin.

Produced in collaboration with the designer Cath Kidston, the tins carry a reimagined rose, floral wreaths along with polka dot and wave patterns.

An 800g tin will be available in all major supermarkets (rrp: £9.99), while a separate 432g tin will be exclusive to Waitrose (rrp: 5.99).