A ST John's resident says boys racers are plaguing their area and has called for action.

Robert Wise, who lives in Fairfax Way, off Bransford Road, has highlighted the issue after the latest crash at the weekend - which he says has been the fourth crash in the past 12 months.

Mr Wise said: "We came out just after midnight on Saturday night, Sunday morning, and found he has buried it on the roundabout.

"He caused a lot of damage, hitting the sign.

"He has been racing and gone into the roundabout too fast and run out of talent.

"He must have been going about 60mph.

"We came over, someone asked if he was alright, but all he was concerned about was his lost trainer.

"The car was gone the next morning.

"We had a similar thing a few months ago.

"Another driver of a BMW decided to drift around the roundabout and also ran out of talent. He took his tyre off after hitting the kerb.

"And there was a Mazda that took his bumper off at one of the crossing points.

"Cars are racing frequently on the bypass by St John's, entering and exiting via Bransford Road near our estate.

"This has been happening for years, but living here for the past 12 months we have found out how bad it is.

"They are coming down the bypass, some racing at 80 or 90mph. We need to do something about it for the local young families."

Mr Wise said it also wasn't typical young boy racers causing all the problems.

"They are not all boy racers - some are people in performance cars like Aston Martins," he said.

"We hear all the loud exhausts, the bangs at night. I feel sorry for those facing the road, it must be terrible.

"The only way this is all going to go away is if they do something with the bypass, putting in speed cameras."

St John's police were contacted for comment, but no one responded before our deadline.