A HOSPICE has revealed more details about why it warned rugby players that their crossdressing fundraiser could be seen as offensive.

A group of rugby players were disappointed to be told a picture of them in drag for a charity event would not be put out by the hospice in case it offended the LGBT community.

St Richard's Hospice has now explained a previous fundraiser where men dressed as women drew complaints but said it was "truly sorry" - if it got the decision wrong with Upton Rugby Club.

Rugby players and members from the club have been dressing in women's clothing to raise money for the hospice every August for 18 years.

Over the years they have raised more than £40,000 with the fundraiser they call the Leo Sayer All Dayer and other events.

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Mark Tomlinson, from Upton, called it "PC gone mad" and has lodged a formal complaint with the hospice.

St Richard's Hospice has expanded on the decision not to promote the fundraiser on its Facebook page saying it is "truly sorry".

The statement reads: "This week we’ve come under fire for not posting an image of a group of male fundraisers dressed as women back in the summer.

"We want to address this openly with our supporters.

"A few years ago we ran a fundraising event which involved men dressing up and we received complaints that we had upset members of the local community. We took those complaints on board and promised to learn from them.

Worcester News:

"So, as hugely grateful as we are to the group from Upton for raising funds for us, when we thanked them on social media we didn’t include the image of them dressed up.

"We want St Richard’s to be welcoming to all members of our community, providing free care to those who need us.

"If in trying to be sensitive to this we got this wrong on this occasion we are truly sorry.

"We are investigating this matter and will continue to listen to your feedback on this issue and to learn. Thanks for your understanding at this time."

June Patel, St Richard's chief executive, had previously said the charity appreciated the group's fundraising but were "striving to be mindful of equality, diversity and inclusion".

“We truly appreciate all the fundraising that the Richard Saints and the Leo Sayers have undertaken over many years towards our care.

“We have received a complaint from Mr Tomlinson and are investigating the matter.

“As a caring and compassionate organisation we are always striving to be mindful of equality, diversity and inclusion."