CONCERNS have been raised after a large white van drove the wrong way down a one-way street as crowds enjoyed Light Night.

The van was spotted driving the wrong way up the one-way system from City Walls Road into the Corn Market on Tuesday evening.

Claire Molton witnessed the van called it a security lapse and said it continued up Mealcheapen Street towards The Shambles.

"I visited Light Night Worcester yesterday evening and it was a spectacular event, even if the downpours did its best to put people off.

"However, while watching one of the displays in Cornmarket a large white van entered this road from City Walls Road, clearly going against the one-way system, and then proceeded to travel up Mealcheapen Street, again against the one-way system, towards The Shambles.

"This appears to a serious safety and security lapse, especially as Cornmarket was full of people at the time.

"Although I doubt there was any malice or any ill-intent from the driver of the van but in this day of hostility and terrorism, it so could have been.

"Although there appeared to be a road closed sign on that end of Cornmarket there were no security stewards at that specific location to prevent the van from entering Cornmarket.

"I hope security will be tightened up for today and tomorrow because what happened yesterday could so easily have been something much worse thanks to a security lapse."

A Seven Arts spokeswoman said: "We are aware of the situation and it was reported to the appropriate bodies."

Worcester News readers also asked why the event was not held during half term which starts on Monday.

She added: "The funding for The Arches Worcester, of which the Arches Festivals programme is a part of is partly here to boost the local economy.

"We try to fill the gaps and programme our festivals when the city would be naturally quieter which is why Light Night is also not taking place on a Friday and Saturday.

"We are trying different festivals at different times of the year and seeing what works.

"In the summer our Same But Different festival took place to include the beginning of the summer holidays.

"Our future festivals will also include some activity over a weekend too."

Light Night is free and runs from 6pm to 10pm.