A HUNGRY fox learned the hard way that you do not mess with cats - and it was all caught on camera.

The fox was caught on wildlife camera in a St John's garden wandering over to some fox biscuits that had been left out for it.

As the fox slowly makes its way to the food, a pair of glowing eyes can be seen staring from the darkness.

But when the fox gets too close for comfort, the feline pounces and scares away the other animal.

The video was captured on a wildlife camera in Margaret Layland's garden in St John's.

Mrs Layland said: "I started off by putting food out for the hedgehogs and then I saw the cats and foxes would come and help themselves.

"I would put out dog kibble a few times a week which they all seem to be enjoying.

"It's surprising what wildlife comes into our garden because we're in a suburban area."