A YOUNG couple shocked to receive quotes for over £30,000 to renovate their garden managed to DIY the makeover for a fraction of the price.

Sophie Albutt and Toby Wilcox, age 23 and 24, wanted to turn their steep garden into a useable area for entertaining after buying their first house in Tibberton in October 2019.

Last year, they received quotes of over £30,000 to landscape their small garden but the shocked couple decided to take on the challenge themselves.

But, after a lot of hard work and a few favours from friends and family they managed to make their dream garden for just £4,500.

Worcester News:

Miss Albutt said: "The quotes we were getting were well over £15,000 which was out of reach for us at the time, as we had only just moved into our house in the October of that year.

"After speaking to a few family members about ideas we had to make our garden more useable they encouraged us on to have a go at doing it ourselves as we had plenty of time during the summer months to complete it.

"Being optimistic we just thought we would give it our best shot and see how it turns out.

"The end results were so much more than what we had hoped for."

The couple wanted to create a space where they could relax, entertain family and friends and enjoy good food and drink together.

Worcester News:

They wanted to make three diverse areas and added a big plant bed near the top to attract bees as well as a firepit and outdoor bar.

It took early starts at 6am and often finishing as the sun went down for the pair to finish the garden in five weeks.

Learning all of the techniques required to fit foundations for the walls, securing sleepers and digging through endless amounts on clay in the baking heat was the hardest part of the garden renovation.

They also had to lug over 12 tonnes of gravel and hard core up the slope by hand to make everything possible.

Worcester News:

"We still look at the garden now in disbelief that we did it ourselves - as well as the help from friends and family."

"It is a experience we will never forget and one we are so proud of.

"To say that we have transformed our garden in our first home together is amazing.

"The end results were so much more than what we had hoped for.

"We love being outside and enjoy entertaining, having BBQs and of course using our bar area."