LABRADOR Jet has been given a new lease of life as a dog on wheels thanks to a kind couple from Worcester.

Jet, aged 11, who belongs to pensioner Marilyn Clarke, of Kempsey, Worcester, suffered a spinal embolism.

It initially caused her to be paralysed without any control over anything and she was very nearly put to sleep.

She slowly improved with the help of treatment, regaining control of toileting and wagging her tail.

However, her back legs remained damaged, especially the left one.

Going out for a walk was almost impossible as her feet would drag along the floor and she has to wear boots.

Mrs Clarke has had Jet for three years, though she has known her for nine. She is a bright, happy and lively dog with a beautiful nature.

She was desperate to get help so her beloved Labrador could enjoy going out for a walk.

“I wanted her to be able to enjoy the rest of her life, but it was practically impossible to take her out for a walk. I didn’t know what to do.

“Jet used to be my nephew’s dog and he loved her very much, but his work commitments were sadly unsuitable to look after her.

"She then went to a friend’s farm to live for six years. While at the farm she unfortunately suffered a spinal embolism and she was very nearly put to sleep.

"I offered to have Jet to live with me due to circumstances having changed.”

One day, Mrs Clarke was spotted outside her home by a Kempsey resident as she was trying to help Jet to walk by putting a scarf around her back quarters and lifting her legs off the ground as she walked with her front legs on the floor.

She said: "I had literally said to myself ‘Oh God, what am I going to do’ and I was spotted struggling with my beautiful Jet. It was nothing less than a miracle. An angel in disguise.”

Her plight then came to the notice of Julie and Mitch Giblen, from Worcester, who had a set of wheels which were used by their old dog, Louis.

Mrs Clarke said: “A lovely couple, Julie and Mitch, have loaned me some dog wheels which have been adjusted to fit by my very kind vet. I am so grateful to Julie and Mitch, and my lovely neighbours for their willingness to help; everyone’s generosity has really touched me.”

Mr and Mrs Giblen had a golden Labrador called Louis.

One day Louis started stooping as if he couldn’t take much weight on his back legs. The vet diagnosed arthritis in his spine. He soon got to the point where he couldn’t stand at all.

They had wheels made for Louis who was unsure at first but was soon walking around enjoying himself and going on short walks again. After a few months Louis started to walk again without the wheels.

Mrs Giblen said: “It was amazing. He just suddenly got up and walked by himself. We were so happy that the wheels gave Louis a new lease of life and we are hoping they are going to do the same for Jet.”

Mrs Clarke said: “Sadly Jet now has arthritis in the weakest leg and drags it around most of the time - to the extent she now cannot walk without the support of the wheels.

“I have taken her to hydrotherapy which has helped quite a lot but with her aging now her back legs have grown weaker.

“It is so kind of Julie and Mitch to lend me the wheels as long as needed. Jet walks well with them. So hopefully things will continue to improve for her with the help of the wheels. I can put the wheels on her without any problem and she likes to go out in them.”

“I just want Jet to have as happy and normal a time as she can for the rest of her life and Julie and Mitch have made that possible with their kindness and the wheels.”