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When Jeremy Clarkson opened his farm shop on the edge of Oxfordshire, he said it was 'putting Aldi out of business', hailing the times as the 'end of supermarket shopping'. 

Mr Clarkson swapped Porsches for potatoes and pumpkins as he threw open the doors to the Diddly Squat Farm Shop in 2020. 

So, when we took a trip down to the farm, located near Chipping Norton, we compared the prices of the products on display to the same things sold in Aldi

Here's what we found: 


Worcester News:

  • Limited edition raw bee juice: £15
  • Aldi's Specially Selected Multifloral Manuka: £4.79


Worcester News:

  • Coffee 200g: £6.96
  • Aldi's coffee beans: £1.49

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Worcester News:

  • 'Diddly eggs': £2.90
  • Aldi's Medium British Free Range Eggs: 79p


Worcester News:

  • 'Cow juice': £1
  • Aldi's Specially Selected Rich & Creamy Jersey Milk: 95p 


Worcester News:

  • Rocket pesto: £4.50
  • Aldi's Basil pesto: 65p 


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