THE owner of a top-rated coffee shop fears for his business after allegedly being targeted by malicious reviews on Google.

Francini Cafe De Colombia in Angel Place has previously won awards for its five-star ratings but is now being targeted with what the owner believes are fake reviews.

Two one-star reviews have been left on Google this week and staff believe they are the result of a personal vendetta against a particular barista who works there.

The reviews single out one member of staff with malicious jibes.

Owner Francini Osorio is now consulting with his solicitors and the staff member, who we are not naming, said he has been left feeling distressed, depressed and experiencing sleepless nights.

Mr Osario said: "It's bullying. It's affected my business, it is creating a really bad reputation for our business and creating a really bad problem for this kid because wherever he is going to go it might happen again.

"I am very concerned, I'm concerned about my business, I'm concerned about my staff as well.

"They have been trying to really put my business down the toilet with the comments they've made which obviously aren't true.

"We're probably one of the best cafes in the city and our hygiene and standards are very high which is why we have twice been Best of the Best on Tripadvisor.

Worcester News:

"People recognise our quality and our service and how polite we are to everybody."

Francini Cafe de Colombia is the number one rated coffee shop in Worcester on TripAdvisor with a five-star rating on the review site and on Facebook.

But its Google Review rating has dropped to 4.9 because of the negative reviews which said the barista had an 'odd smell' and both advised people to visit elsewhere.

"We spoke to our solicitor and this is going to go a bit further.

"Now we need to set an example to other people that they can't do this to other people and businesses - it's very selfish.

"We want to stop people doing this to other businesses too.

"We think it is very unfair and very selfish and there are no words to express how I feel about my staff and my business.

"It's very rare for us to get a complaint.

"The last six years since we've been open we've had one complaint or two."