AN HISTORIC city like Worcester with its rich and bloody history was always going to be a hotbed for ghost stories.

From the city's landmark buildings to its many pubs where alcohol is not the only spirit residing inside.

There are many ghost stories floating about the city which are sure to give you goosebumps this Halloween.

Here are a few tales of hauntings from across the city according to the Worcester News archives and UK Haunted Locations Database:

The Guildhall, High Street

Worcester News:

Thousands of people must pass by The Guildhall each day unaware of the spooky goings on inside.

Prisoners, many of whom were sentenced to death, were led to the Guildhall's prison cells through a trap door in the middle of the floor in the court room.

Once sentenced, theywere taken down again to await their fate.

The three prison cells in the Guildhall are said to be haunted with claims that moaning and screaming can be heard and a young boy has been spotted.

There is also claims of a noticeable drop in temperature and the scent of a woman's perfume filling the air.

Former Cafe Rouge, Friar Street

Worcester News:

It may be empty now but back when it was The Bottles Wine Bar in the 1990s a staff member reported a chilling moment when they were alone.

The staff member heard footsteps climbing the stairs and walking along the balcony and found her mop bucket was moved from behind the bar to the middle of the floor.

However, no footprints were seen in the newly mopped floor.

A crate of bottles was moved, blocking her in the cellar and, later on, a cask fell over, rolled and then righted itself.

There were other unexplained goings on including a stack of pans which was found to have been moved during the night despite the burglar alarms not being set off.

Other mysterious incidents included problems with electrical items, candles going out and an alarming sounds.

The Mug House, Claines

Worcester News:

Vodka, whisky and bacardi are not the only spirits at The Mug House in Claines - renowned as one of the only pubs in the country on consecrated ground.

Having a pub right next to a graveyard was always going to give the pub a spooky atmosphere but there have been reports of poltergeist activing for years.

People speak of items moving around the pub, strange noises, knocking at the windows and a ghostly carriage which can be seen around the graveyard.

Another urban myth from the pub is that a group of children came running in scared claiming they had seen a woman walk through a wall in the graveyard.

The Commandery, Sidbury

Worcester News: DIARIES: The Commandery (26437804)

In its 800 years, The Commandery has had a various history from being an almshouse, Charles II headquarters during the Battle of Worcester and a printing factory.

There are claims the Duke of Hamilton haunts the Solar room as well as reports of swords clashing, a spectral monk and a crying woman.

Fownes Hotel

Worcester News: Front of Fownes Hotel

According to the UK Haunted Locations Database, former cleaning staff have reported mild poltergeist-like activity.

They claim rooms that had been made up had suffered minor disturbance or lights or the television found turned on when they were most definitely turned off.