THERE are 10 new names on the list of Worcester food businesses that have received a five star food hygiene ratings from health inspectors.

Ratings are judged by Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspectors over the standards in the handling of food, how food is stored, how food is prepared, cleanliness of facilities and pest control, how food safety is managed and evidence staff know about food safety.

Five-star Worcester businesses to make the list, and the date they were inspected, include:

Bennetts Willow Barn, Manor Farm, Malvern Road (October 25)

Subway, Brindley Road (October 27)

Tesco Express, London Road (October 18)

Aldi, Bath Road (October 18)

Anarkali, The Tything (October 7)

Balkan Breakfast, Lowesmoor (October 20)

Buddys Baguettes, The Tything (October 22)

Friends Malayali Asian Store, Cecil Road (October 18)

McDonald's, Hylton Road (October 22)

Wylds Lane News, Wylds Lane (October 11)

A number of other city businesses have the five star rating. Among those to get the top rating recently are:

Co-Op, Gresham Road, Dines Green (October 11)

Lyppard Grange Tavern, Ankerage Green (October 12)

Lyppard Nursery, Lyppard Hub, Ankerage Green (October 11)

Miquill Catering Ltd At Flyford Flavell First School, Radford Road, Flyford Flavell (October 12)

Tesco, Unit 1 Brindley Road (October 12)

The Nightingale, Evesham Road, Sneachill (October 18)

Aspens Services At Lyppard Grange Primary School, Ankerage Green (October 12)

Aspens Services At Cherry Orchard Primary School, Timberdine Close (October 13)

Balkan Breakfast, Lowesmoor (October 20)

Lily B's Sandwich Bar, Barbourne Road (October 12)

Newtown Fryer, Newtown Road (October 12)

Shakeaway, Pump Street (October 11)

Meanwhile there is more good news as there are no new names on the list of one star food rated businesses.

The one star rating is the next to lowest on the zero to five scale used by the FSA, and means that “major improvement is necessary.”

The list includes:

Age UK Worcester And District Lunch Club

Your’s Pizza Bite / Little India in Ronkswood Hill

O Nosso Cafe, London Road

All information published is based on results on the FSA website,, and is correct as of October 29, 2021, with inspections listed as the latest carried out.