Ydych chi wedi cael trafferth darllen arwyddion ffyrdd yn ddiweddar?

If you had trouble reading that then you may have also been scratching your head reading a number of road signs which have popped up in St Peter's.

That is because bilingual road signs have been placed by the Norton roundabout on St Peter's Drive, with both Welsh and English notices.

Worcester News: Welsh road signs have appeared in St PetersWelsh road signs have appeared in St Peters

St Peter's parish councillor John Renshaw discovered the signs on Tuesday, November 2.

He said: “I expect that the Welsh language population of St Peter’s is vanishingly small.

"Still, it’s great to see Worcestershire County Council doing its bit for diversity!”

The road signs are part of a temporary diversion route due to the closure of a section of Norton Road.

The council has confirmed the signs are not its responsibility but that of Severn Trent.

A spokesman said: "The signs are not related to our work and we believe that they belong to the contractors working on the industrial park site.

"Severn Trent are working on the closure on Norton Road."