SHOCKING video footage has emerged of angry visitors forcefully pushing Extinction Rebellion protestors outside the Three Counties Showground.

One woman could be seen toppling to the ground as delegates forced their way through a human barricade.

On Thursday (November 4), the showground played host to the controversial Three Counties Defence and Security Expo (3CDSE), which Malvern protestors say they have been campaigning against for the past 18-months.

Local groups Three Counties Campaign Against Arms Trade (3CCAAT) and XR Malvern were joined by dozens of other national peace and environmental activists to protest in opposition of the expo, which they call an 'arms fair'.

Protestors from XR blocked four entrances by sitting on top of tall bamboo structures, while sixteen further demonstrators locked themselves in heavy concrete blocks.

As security diverted attendees to an alternative overflow car park, activists formed human blockades in front of pedestrian gates to the showground, sparking angry scenes.


Lucy Porter, a 46-year-old primary school teacher, was one of the protestors that was pushed to the ground. 

She said: "I was pushed around and completely knocked over twice.

"I stayed calm, but it’s quite terrifying how desperate some of the people were to get in to the arms fair.

"It was shocking what they did in the face of a peaceful protest, just slightly inconveniencing their day."

XR say they protested against the defence fair as "military emissions are seldom highlighted in discussions about the climate emergency".

Addie May Swarbrick Schwarz, a 30 year-old vegan chef and XR member, said: "Our priorities are completely wrong.

"We are facing a climate crisis that steals the future for all life, yet we continue to pour our money into these weapons of destruction.

"We’re here to tell the UK public the truth about these arms fairs and these grave consequences of the arms trade."

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