BOGUS social media accounts impersonating the city's high school have been set up making derogatory comments about teachers and staff.

Worcestershire high schools are currently trying to deal with the latest TikTok craze which sees pupils set up fake accounts in their name.

One headteacher has said it is prepared to speak to police about the fake accounts which have been cropping up since last week.



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The video clips range from light hearted to offensive content about teachers' behaviour, sexuality and relationships.

The content is too defamatory to repeat in the newspaper.

Nasty remarks about staff members are also being made in the comments section of the videos.

A number of the TikToks have gained thousands of views and over 100 comments while some of the accounts' bios claim to be the school's "official" account.

Worcester News has seen accounts impersonating Tudor Grange Academy Worcester, Nunnery Wood High School, Bishop Perowne CofE College and Hanley Castle High School.



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Hanley Castle High School headteacher Lindsey Cooke said it would be taking all necessary steps to protect its reputation including contacting the police.

"On Friday, November 5 we contacted parents to inform them that we were investigating three fake TikTok accounts which had been set up including the school's name in their titles.

"That investigation has now concluded successfully.

"Hanley Castle will continue to take all steps necessary to protect the reputation of members of its community, including involving the police where appropriate." 


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Bishop Perowne headteacher Jane Price said it was aware and were dealing with the situation.

Tudor Grange said it did not wish to comment while Nunnery Wood did not respond to a request for a comment.

The craze has been affecting schools across the UK and follows on from another trend where kids were filming themselves stealing from schools.

They shared the video clips showing off what they had taken for the "devious licks" challenge.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Children First said: “We have been made aware that a number of TikTok accounts may have been setup and sharing inappropriate and unacceptable content about schools and in some cases unacceptable content about staff. 

"We recognise how disturbing and distressing this is for schools and any person affected and strongly encourage schools to take the necessary steps including reporting accounts to the social media platforms”

“We do not condone this negative behaviour and strongly encourage any school to report any account that does not adhere to the social media platform’s community guidelines.”