A DEVELOPER has said work on an 'unfinished' housing estate could be completed by Christmas.

Residents have complained that Weogoran Park is not finished years after it started - but the developer says final touches are now underway.

Among the problems on the St Modwen-built estate are unfinished roads with high kerbs and drains, street lights not switched on and crumbling pavements causing tripping hazards including potholes.

One resident, in Beltex Drive, even complained a cone was still buried in the road where a street light is meant to be.

In a statement, a spokesman for St Modwen said: “We have already been in dialogue with residents regarding completion of the road works at the first phase of Weogoran Park in order to give notice that said works were commencing, and have commenced, on November 9.

"The scope of works was agreed with Worcestershire County Council in October following the completion of the neighbouring care facility in August.

"The works will be completed over a 12-week period. Works include kerb replacements and footpath tarmac repairs, final road surfacing, street signage and lighting.”

Following the story's publication Jon Eades was one of those to comment on social media.

"It should be finished off properly," he said.

"I walk through there sometimes and cannot believe it has been left as it is."

Among the comments on the Worcester News website, Paul Hammett said: "I have complained numerous times about the state of the carriageway and the dangerous raised ironworks."

Another reader said: "Are we surprised? Nope. This is pretty much the norm these days. It's a normal expectation if you decide to buy new builds."

Les Simpson added: "Once you have purchased your property and moved in they don't care anymore, they don't need to care."

The 120-home Weogoran Park development has had various issues over the years, including when residents said builders parking around the estate meant they were forced to wait more than 20 minutes on the busy Whittington Road section of the dual carriageway.

Those complaints in April were because traffic was reduced to one-way in Romney Way - the access road to the site.