A DRUG user from Worcester who threatened his mum came to believe reptile people were trying to take over his brain, a court heard.

Sam Gleadall was said to have taken so many drugs that he had come to believe a delusion that there was a 'reptile conspiracy' to put microchips in his brain.

He has now got himself clean of drugs while in prison.

The 35-year-old admitted a public order offence, failing to attend probation service appointments and a breach of a suspended sentence order when he appeared over prison videolink at Worcester Crown Court on Wednesday.

However, Judge Nicolas Cartwright accepted it would be unjust to activate the suspended sentence as the defendant had already spent 11 weeks in custody awaiting sentence - the equivalent of a 22 week prison sentence and longer than the maximum sentence he could impose for the offence.

Gleadall, now of Park Street, Worcester had arrived at his mother's city address on Sunday, August 22.

Amiee Parkes, prosecuting, said the defendant's mum had described their relationship as 'difficult and becoming strained because of his drug taking'.

She believed his mental health had deteriorated over the last 18 months and he had 'developed an obsession that he is somehow part of a reptile conspiracy'.

At 9am his mum allowed him inside her property 'as he appeared to be calm and no longer under the influence of any substances' said Miss Parkes.

Gleadall, who told a probation officer he had previously used heroin and spice, asked his mum for money to pay for a replacement key for his social housing.

"She was happy to loan him the money for this key and he's pleased about this. Shortly after this the defendant has started rambling again about an attempt to programme him and place chips inside his brain" said Miss Parkes. He spoke about smashing a church window because nobody had given him any assistance.

"He started shouting she was a bitch and 'your windows would be next'. She interpreted this comment as a threat he would smash the property. At this point he left the address and attended his sister's address" she said.

Police were called and Gleadall was arrested in St Paul's Street. His mum said that her 'mental health has suffered as a result of the constant anxiety she has experienced because of Sam's recent behaviour' and that safeguards needed to be in place to protect people from him.

Police interviewed Gleadall on August 25 and he admitted attending his mum's address but could not remember what was said.

Gleadall has 36 convictions for 56 offences, seven of which relate to public order offences. He also has convictions for harassment and breaching antisocial behaviour orders. By this offence he was also in breach of a suspended sentence for wounding - 12 months in prison suspended for 24 months.

We have previously reported how Gleadall was one of two men who attacked Hubert Locke after they pulled up at an address in Shakespeare Road, Dines Green, on January 18, 2016.

Stuart Halliday was carrying a "Samurai sword" and Gleadall had an iron bar. There was a scuffle and he was attacked and injured before they got back in their car and drove away.

Mr Locke was treated in hospital and needed surgery to insert metal plates and metal mesh into his face where he had two fractures.

Gleadall was jailed for three years and Halliday had two years added to the end of his existing sentence.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said: "You held at the time a genuinely held but delusional mindset that you were somehow the victim of a conspiracy by reptiles seeking to implant a microchip to control your behaviour. This wasn't fake thinking on your part although plainly it's massively distorted from reality. In whole, or in part, it has been brought about by your misuse of drugs."

The judge imposed a 12 month community order to include a drug rehabilitation requirement, the progress of which will be reviewed on December 9 this year. The suspended sentence was not activated in whole or in part.

A restraining order was made for three years which prevents him attending his mother's home address in Bransford Road in Worcester or from going to her place of work or from contacting her unless it is an emergency.