PEOPLE have been surprised to find out who was named the best-selling artist in the county.

A map has been shared widely on Twitter which reveals the best-selling artist in each English county.

There are some obvious inclusions - Oasis dominates Manchester, The Beatles in Liverpool and Ellie Goulding in neighbouring Herefordshire.

But it is Worcestershire's top-selling music artist that has really got people scratching their heads.

The map claims Malvern born Cher Lloyd is Worcestershire's best-selling music artist which has left music fans wondering how she topped the charts ahead of Led Zeppelin and Harry Styles.


"With all due respect to Cher Lloyd, didn’t half of Led Zeppelin come from Worcestershire? Worth a mention" replied Twitter user Patrick Clarke.


Steve Cook tweeted: "As a Worcestershire lad, I have to wonder if Cher Lloyd has sold more records than John Bonham or Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi or Harry Styles. Considering the paucity of musicians from my home county, it leads me to question the accuracy of this map."


Nick Barlow wrote: "Even if you're not counting Robert Plant as Worcestershire, I'm pretty sure Dodgy have outsold Cher Lloyd."

The map was created by Reddit user uvbseventysix three years ago but has been the subject of much discussion on Twitter being reshared by Simon Kuestenmacher in Australia on Thursday.

However it isn't clear what metrics were used to collect the data.

The map's creator did however reveal that it is over five years old: "I made this map about over two years ago than abandoned it, and only updated it a few days ago. I must have overlooked the artists that I already added that had been outsold."

Cher Lloyd rose to fame in 2010 aged just 16 when she came fourth in The X Factor.

Her debut single Swagger Jagger was released in June 2011 and reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.

She followed it up with hit singles With Ur Love featuring Mike Posner, and Want U Back featuring American rapper Astro.