A LIFE-changing year led a woman to follow her dreams and open a bright coloured bagels and burger delivery service.

Lisa Collier is making the final preparations to launch Lite Bite Bagels and Burgers from her base in Fernhill Heath next week.

It has been a difficult 18 months for the mum who lost her customer service job during covid and has also gone through a divorce.

But the difficult times made her more determined to find a silver lining which is when she decided to follow her dreams and start a food business.

Ms Collier is now on the cusp of launching her bagel and burger business which are all served up in eye-catching brightly coloured buns.

She said: "During lockdown I lost my job and I was looking for something to do.

"It gave me a chance to make a new start.

"I've always wanted to move into food and thought about a roadside cafe.

"But I wanted to do something niche and during lockdown I noticed a lot of people were getting deliveries because they couldn't go to restaurants."

Worcester News:

Having found a supplier for the bagels and buns, Ms Collier then began searching for local suppliers for the fillings.

Burgers come from The Butcheress, based in Stoke Prior, while vegetables comes from local allotments.

The colouring used in the bagels and buns is all natural and vegan.

At the moment she is trying her menu out on staff at Martinbrook Farm in Lower Town but is planning to be delivering to a five mile radius in a week.

"Like with any new venture you are nervous but I am also super excited to be making a go of it," she added.

Lite Bites Bagels and Burgers will be delivering five days a week during the day time.

For more information, visit facebook.com/litebitebagelsandburgers.