Sitting on Rightmove, setting no maximum price and scrolling through mansions we could never afford… we all do it! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as picturing yourself in a multimillion-pound estate, living the high life.

Some of us like to look up the most expensive property, to see what is on offer. Others look up the wildest, most remote locations and picture a life of solitude.

But what were the properties we looked up in October? Rightmove has put together the five most looked at properties that we searched last month.


Compton Basset

Worcester News: Compton Basset (Rightmove)Compton Basset (Rightmove)

October’s most viewed home on the market belongs to the one and only, Robbie Williams. The seven-bedroom property is a period home on 70 acres of land.

 If the house itself doesn’t please you, perhaps the leisure facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym and tennis court will?

In putting the home up for sale, Robbie and his wife Ayda said: “Compton Bassett House is most definitely a family-friendly house that deserves to have much more laughter and joy within its beautiful walls. We hope the incoming purchaser will enjoy just as much as we have.”

This house is on the market for £6,750,000.


Worcester News: Glasgow (Rightmove)Glasgow (Rightmove)

Nestled in Dowanhill, this townhouse immediately catches your eye. It was re-designed in 1900 with stunning stain glass windows and doors.

The property, which is on the market for £1,500,000 is A-listed and features on the Scottish monuments list. It’s no wonder it is the second most viewed home on Rightmove for October!


Worcester News: Hampshire (Rightmove)Hampshire (Rightmove)

Number 3 on the list is this beautiful Hampshire estate, consisting of 118 acres. It is a 17th century home with modern technological features such as high-tech security and sound systems.

If the breath-taking scenery isn’t enough of a seller, the swimming pool and tennis court on-site may twist your arm.

For those interested in this property, expect to dig deep as this is on the market for £15,000,000.


Worcester News: Cotswolds (Rightmove)Cotswolds (Rightmove)

Number 4 on the list is an estate with a long history. It was gifted to a Benedictine monastery in the 12th century and is now an 11-bedroom Grade II listed home.

And this is the first time this property has been available to buy since 1949.

It is on the market for £7,500,000.


Worcester News: Littlehampton (Rightmove)Littlehampton (Rightmove)

Number 5 on the list is a Scandinavian styled home in Littlehampton. It was designed by Italian architect Antonio Parella.

Known as ‘Scyld’, the triangular shape is striking, and due to this architectural construction, the rooms all have individual shapes

This home is available for £765,000.

Rightmove’s Property Expert Tim Bannister said: “From Robbie Williams’ Wiltshire mansion to a sprawling estate in the heart of the Cotswold’s, Britain’s fascination with amazing homes continues. Interestingly, alongside the extraordinary look and feel of all these properties, they are all also set in a variety of beautiful, scenic locations - from the suburbs of Glasgow down to the countryside of Hampshire.”