A SCREAMING woman claimed her drink was spiked after police were called to a disturbance in Worcester.

Samantha Alder admitted using threatening or abusive words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress when she appeared before magistrates on Thursday.

The 29-year-old of Mayfield Road, Worcester, told magistrates her drink may have been spiked before police were called to a block of flats on October 22 this year.

Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting, said police were called to 'a disturbance' between 8.30pm and 9pm.

"There were reports that there was a lady who was screaming and there were concerns about her wellbeing" said Miss Winterflood.

She added: "When officers turned up they believed initially the screaming was coming from a flat on the groundfloor because it was so loud. In fact she was found on the landing on the first floor. She was shouting, swearing and screaming. Officers described her behaviour as volatile. It produced a number of different calls from neighbours as they were so alarmed and concerned about what they had heard. She was causing - the officers say - quite a commotion. Officers tried to calm her down to no avail."

Officers tried to engage with her sister and mother in an effort to calm Alder down. However, Alder was 'arrested to prevent a breach of the peace'.

"The screaming went on for almost 10 minutes. She was flailing her arms and legs around. There were neighbours clearly being distressed by what has taken place" said the prosecutor.

At one stage she was described as 'slumping to her knees in an attempt to go limp'.

"She was continuing to scream and shout and swear, shouting profanities at officers" said Miss Winterflood.

Up until this offence she had been a woman of good character.

Alder, who represented herself at the hearing, said: "I do apologise for my actions. It was out of character. The drinking was out of character. They thought I might have got spiked."

However, she added: "I don't have any recollection of anything. I just want to apologise."

Magistrates made a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered her to pay costs of £135 and a victim surcharge of £22.