THE city's three McDonald's restaurants have come under fire for constantly missing items or delivering ice cold food.

Ellie Gormley, from Comer Road, said the last six times she has ordered on delivery apps from the city's restaurants in Hylton Road, Blackpole and The Cross she has faced problems.

The 37-year-old and her family enjoy a delivery once a week and said the most recent order on Wednesday evening was one of the worst with three burgers missing.

They often order for Miss Gormley's child, age seven, and niece and nephew, nine and 11, as well as with friends.

"I know this is a first world problem but they are supposed to be providing a service and we are paying for that service so it should be correct.

"Last night was one of the worst orders - the Happy Meals were fine but there were three burgers missing.

"This was ordered through Just Eat who said they would investigate but could take seven days.

"This is happening quite regularly, pretty much every time there is something wrong.

"My friends have also experienced the same terrible service.

"We do get a refund but in the moment I'd rather have the food I'd ordered.

"I call up the restaurants and they don't offer to redeliver they just tell me to complain to Just Eat or Uber Eats.

"I can't actually recall a time when they have actually got it completely correct."

The bags always arrived fully sealed by the restaurants so the bags have not been tampered with prior to arriving.

"It's annoying when you are planning what you are having for a meal that night and the meal doesn't arrive.

"There's no handy solution, it's frustrating.

"When I ring up I tell them it is happening often but they say it's not their conern and I have to take it up with the delivery company.

"The last time it happened I called the delivery driver he said the bags are sealed when he picks them up."

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “We are disappointed to hear this customer’s experience was not a positive one.

"We understand that UberEATS has refunded the full cost of the customer’s meals.

"If the customer would like to discuss the matter further we would encourage them to contact our Customer Services team."