DRIVERS may have thought they were on the wrong tracks when they spotted a bizarre vehicle driving down a main road near Worcester.

Cars slowed and passengers could be seen taking pictures of the miniature steam train with a trailer attached.

Four men sat aboard the maroon and black train and trailer which had boxes and bags on the back.

They were seen on Saturday afternoon on the A449 in Ombersley, just past Woodfield Lane, and were heading towards Worcester.

One onlooker said: "There's a lot of different vehicles on the A449 but I've never seen a train before.

"Maybe it took a wrong turn somewhere!

"It was quite a sight to see though and was a beautiful steam train.

"Everyone was slowing down to have a good look and you could see people taking pictures too.

"I have no idea where they were going or where they had come from but it was great to see it."