DEAR Editor – “The Barbarians are through the gates! Disease ridden criminals and terrorists are flooding in! Drive them back! Pull up the drawbridge!”

Classic scape-goating, classic diversionary tactics from Alan Amos in his immigration tirade (Immigration system is in total chaos, November 19).

He dares to talk of the responsibility of government. Ignore his pointing finger, let’s look elsewhere.

At a Government mired in sleaze and led by incompetents. At 11 years of Tory cuts and chaos. Where kids walk hungry to school and families turn to foodbanks. Where houses leak heat and fuel bills rise.

Where social welfare buckles, ambulances queue, hospitals struggle and people wait years for new knees. Where children knife children and women fear violence from strangers. Where companies flood rivers with sewage and pass profits to shareholders. Where contracts are given to chums and MPs seek favours for clients. Where fossil fuel digging is sanctioned while we play host to Cop-26.Where the world cried out for leadership and we failed to step up to the mark.

And then let us spare a compassionate thought for desperate refugees and immigrants. They face terrible, fearful odds while fleeing persecution, hunger, climate change and war.

And yet, for whom, for all its faults listed above, this country remains a beacon of hope in a damaged and dangerous world.

Heather McNeillis

Worcester Green Party