Two men accused of attacking a lone victim with a crowbar and a glass bottle have appeared in court.

Thomas John Gormley, 39, and Dean Hart, 32, both of St George's Lane North, Worcester were up before Kidderminster Magistrates Court for their first individual hearings on Saturday, November 20.

The bench heard how Gormley is accused of wielding a crowbar, and Hart, a glass bottle, and both are accused of assaulting a man and occasioning him actual bodily harm during an incident on Thursday, November 18. 

The assault is alleged to have taken place in Flag Meadow Walk. 

They're also facing an additional charge of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

The court directed a trial by jury to take place at Worcester Crown Court on Monday, December 20.

Gormley and Hart are to remain in custody until their respective hearings.