Worcester has been named the best UK city for blue badge parking, a new study has revealed.

Parkopedia data for car parks in over 56 towns and cities around the UK was analysed by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts to calculate the percentage of accessible car parks available in each location.

Worcester topped the list of the area with the most accessible parking, with a huge 96% of the city’s car parks offering accessible spaces for Blue Badge holders. 

Surrey Town, Epsom, came in second place with 95% of their car parks offering accessible parking.

South London’s Croydon came in third with 94% of car parks having disabled spots. 

The top 10 UK towns and cities with the most accessible parking:

Worcester News:

Councillor Andy Stafford, Chair of Worcester City Council’s Environment Committee, said: "Worcester is a city that works hard to accommodate everyone who wants to enjoy the fantastic retail and leisure offer in our city centre, whether they want to get here by car, train, bike or on foot. 

"So it’s great news that these efforts are being recognised, especially with our packed programme of Christmas events just round the corner."

Nearly 14 million people in the UK are registered as disabled. Blue Badges are given to a driver or a passenger that has a disability or health condition, and allows the holder to park in a place closer to their destination where other drivers can’t. 

Since the UK government announced that those with hidden disabilities could also apply for a Blue Badge back in 2019, there has been a surge in demand for disabled parking throughout the country.

The most recent Government figures from 2020 show there are 2.5 million Blue Badge holders in England alone.

In stark contrast to Worcester, Birmingham finds itself in the 10 worst UK towns and cities for accessible parking:

Worcester News:

Keith Hawes, Director at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said: "As those with hidden disabilities such as Autism, MS and mental health issues are now allowed to apply for a Blue Badge, it is vital that towns and cities ensure there is more accessible parking available. 

"In Birmingham there are around 15,841 blue badge holders and only 46 car parks with disabled spaces, meaning there are approximately 344 disabled motorists per car park.

"Cities need to make themselves more inclusive and accessible, particularly as the high street is struggling.

"We're also likely to see more Brits hiring cars and driving to their staycation destinations this summer, as travel abroad is still limited.

"Towns and cities, especially those known for being UK tourist traps, should take a look at their facilities to make sure they can provide inclusive parking for all."