A UNIVERSITY lecturer from Worcester has been nominated in our Education Awards.

Dr Barbara Mitra, who is senior lecturer in media and culture at the University of Worcester, was nominated for Teacher of the Year in the Worcestershire Education Awards.

In the nomination, Dr Mitra is described as dedicated and passionate about helping her students achieve their best results.

The nomination said: "Dr Mitra is an exceptional lecturer who has consistently gone above and beyond for students in the years that I have known her.

"She regularly receives great feedback from students saying how much they enjoy her lessons and find her to be a huge support.

"Over the lockdown period she adapted brilliantly to online learning and kept students engaged with a variety of learning methods and materials.

"Dr Mitra is a positive and uplifting tutor who never seems to have a bad day, she is always working hard to improve the student experience and regularly asks for feedback and suggestions.

"Dr Mitra has personally inspired me to change my career direction towards being a university lecturer. She is also a positive role model for many other students. Staff also speak very highly of her.

"She keeps regular contact with all her students via email, she also posts regularly to the course Facebook page to ensure all students are reached.

“She makes students feel heard and cared about."

During her academic career, Dr Mitra has focused on specialist modules on gender and commercial issues of social media.

She is also interested in the use of technology in relation to learning and teaching.

She has spoken on local radio and in schools on issues related to gender and body image, Facebook and television advertising and children.

Speaking after being nominated, Dr Mitra said: "I am delighted to be nominated for this award - it really is very humbling to know that we make such a difference to students and colleagues at the University and it is a privilege and an honour to have been nominated."