A one-man battle to save a tree has ended in defeat.

Last week Richard Denning, 71, stood underneath a chestnut tree at the bottom of his garden to prevent it being chopped down.

Mr Denning, of East Field Close in Fernhill Heath, stood under the tree for around three hours until the tree surgeons were forced to call it quits for the day.

However, the workmen have since returned and today, Thursday November 25, the tree was cut down.

Mr Denning said: “I lost and so did the bees who get the nectar from the flowers of the tree, the blue tits that feed their chicks, and the squirrels who put on a comic show, not to mention the environment.

“So, who wins?”

For Mr Denning, his protest was about more than one tree, it was a reaction to all he had witnessed at the recent COP26 summit.

He added: “It is very apparent that we have a long, long, way to go to educate the public to protecting our wildlife and our environment.

“I cannot believe that the kids in schools can be so aware of what’s going on but the people who created this situation can still carry on a destructive path.

“For my part and I think many others it’s a question of hammering home just exactly what is going.”

The tree belonged to a neighbour, Redmond Peel, who believed it presented a potential danger as it was beginning to show signs of leaning whilst its roots were at risk of interfering with underground water pipes.

Mr Peel, 52, added that he intends to plant 30 trees in its place.

Speaking at the time of the initial protest he said: "Other neighbours are really pleased it is being chopped down.

"I get that you might not want that one cut down but the overall plan will be much better.

"It is better to bring it down before it falls over.

"Not every tree can be saved. Some are dangerous."