A WEATHER warning for ice remains in place this morning across Worcestershire, as temperatures have dipped to below -3C in some parts.

The warning for ice is in place until 10am with the Met Office warning: "Surfaces may become icy in places on Sunday night and early Monday, making for tricky travel.

- Probably some icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths, making accidents more likely and journey times longer

- Icy surfaces likely, increasing the risk of slips and falls."

The warning follows a weekend when Storm Arwen hit, which saw high winds, rain and even snow in some areas.

Worcester Cathedral had its roof damaged in the storm forcing the Choral Society’s concert to be called off due to safety concerns.

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Worcestershire County Council also said at least 40 trees had been brought down by the storm, with police urging residents not to use the roads in some areas due to a threat to life.

The forecast is looking brighter for today, with temperatures set to rise throughout the afternoon reaching 9C in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Forecasters say it is expected to be mostly dry, with light cloud and a gentle breeze.

Tuesday and Wednesday's forecast are similar with only a small chance of rain, and temperatures reaching highs of 12C and 9C respectively.