Power network chiefs have offered an explanation for a 'solar flare' which led to electricity outages in hundreds of Droitwich and Ombersley homes.

Residents took to social media early yesterday evening (November 28) to report seeing a series of bright 'blue and green' flashes which lit up 'the whole sky' around 6.45pm.

This was swiftly followed by complete power outages for many people, while others noticed dim flickering lights throughout their house.

The interference prompted some tongue in cheek comments on social media suggesting what might have been to blame for the strange goings on.

Paul White said: "Transformers are on their way to earth AKA (Autobots)."

Meanwhile, Lynn Read had a different theory, she said: "My money is on the aliens!"

Janet Rose added: "NASA sent a probe up into space a few days ago to smash/divert an asteroid which was heading toward earth."

However, despite all the conspiracy theories, the world seems to be safe from martians, astroids and Transformers - at least for now.

A spokesperson for Western Power Distribution said: "We were made aware of a power cut at 6.42pm affecting 635 customers in the Ombersley area of Worcestershire. When we visited the location of the fault, we carried out a line patrol but were unable to find the fault.

"This may mean that a branch or other debris had blown onto the line, causing the power cut, but had subsequently blown clear. It's possible that a branch coming into contact with the 11,000 volt overhead line could have caused the flash reported by local people, and may have looked similar to a lightning strike.

"All the customers affected had their power supplies back on within 90 minutes."