A record-breaking motorist driving Britain's longest road in the world's smallest car has stopped in Worcester.

Alex Orchin has amassed a global following since setting off on a mammoth trip from John o' Groats to Lands' End in a Peel P50, which is just 134cm long, 98cm wide and 100cm high, to raise money for Children in Need.

Since starting the hefty expedition, the 31-year-old from Sussex has been travelling up to 100 miles a day, averaging 23-30 mph in the mini motor.

His close friend Joely Raffel has been following closely behind in a campervan, where Mr Orchin has been sleeping as they make their way along the 874-mile route.

On Friday, November 26, they stopped off in Worcester, which roughly marks the half-way point on their journey.

Mr Orchin said: "I've always had an interest in old and unusual cars, and this one is by far the weirdest I've ever owned.

"Although it's cramped and tiny, it always brings so much joy to people when I drive it.

"So, I thought, 'what if I did the entire length of the UK', then I get to meet loads of people who will see the car and enjoy it.

"I then discovered no one had ever done it before in a Peel P50, so it is a world first, and that's really where the idea of doing it for charity came from.

"Children in Need is a charity I have always supported."

A former student at the University of Worcester, Mr Orchin said he wanted to make the city "part of his journey".

He said: "I started at the University of Worcester 10 years ago, so I wanted to make Worcester part of my journey out of the nostalgia for the city and the campus.

"I've still got friends in the area and some of my old lecturers are still on campus, so it has been really nice to catch up with them."

Since starting the journey on Saturday, November 13, Mr Orchin says his story has been shared internationally, with people as far as Texas, New York and Berlin catching wind of the trip. 

But the journey hasn't come without its difficulties.

"I do have to stop a lot to stretch my legs, the more I drive the car the harder it gets, and you really feel it in your knees."

Mr Orchin has already raised over £7,000 so far through a GoFundMe page, smashing the original target of £2,000.