IT is that time of year again when the cheeky elf will be coming down to keep an eye on boys and girl ahead of Christmas Eve.

The naughty elves usually get up to all kinds of mischief and mayhem throughout December.

Whether it is making a mess while pouring a bowl of cereal or throwing toilet roll around the living room, children love to wake up and discover their overnight escapades.

But for the parentsm it can be difficult to come up with 24 creative things for the cheeky elf to get up to.

Here are ten ideas from Worcester News readers of what those elves have previously got up to which will help you out.

1. Winter wonderland 

Amanda Jayne Hall's elf created its own snowy scene in the bathroom using shaving foam

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2. The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper took Elf hostage at Emma Stevens' house.

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3. Cereal offender

Chantelle Wells found her children's elf had made a mess in the kitchen while trying to make a bowl of cereal.

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4. Elf and safety

The poorly teddies in Debbie Awford's house were looked after by the Christmas elf

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5. Snow angels

Emma Wall found her elf had been creating 

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6. Toasty

Lucy Buss had this clever idea of a warm and 'toasty' elf

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7. Celebrity Elf

Lucy Buss' other great idea was an I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here inspired elf - complete with bug lollies!

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8. Spider-Elf

Marisa Rankin had her elf assume the identity of Spider-Man and dangle upside down from the ceiling

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9. On a roll

Natasha Windiate's elf made its very own toilet roll zipline

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10. Missing the North Pole

This cheeky elf belonging to Sam Hill took its self off to the fridge as it was missing the North Pole

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