Fire and animal rescue crews enlisted the help of a local farmer to pull off an unusual operation at the weekend.

A team from Worcester fire station joined forces with a large animal rescue unit from Bromyard to free a distressed horse which had slipped and become trapped in a wire fence in its field on Saturday morning (December 4).

The stranded horse, named Henry, was sedated by a vet before being untangled from the fence.

He was then transferred onto a glide board and carefully pulled to safety with the assistance of a local farmer in his tractor.

Luckily, Henry made a full and speedy recovery, and was back on his feet and walking around within 20 minutes.

Speaking after the rescue, Sophie Rushton, Henry's relieved owner, issued a heartfelt message of thanks to the fire crew for their help.

Replying to their post on Facebook, she said: "I can’t describe how grateful I am for all of your support and help.

"Thanks to the incredible work of you all and my fantastic friends and family who surround me, my very precious boy is alright.

"The work you all do as a team is beyond amazing - I wish I could express how thankful I am.

"As you can see, Henry the super star is upright and recovering. Fingers crossed, with all the extra love and pampering he’s going to get, he’s hopefully set for a good recovery.

"I really appreciate your work and support. Thank you all!"