A TEENAGE biker has caught on camera the moment he was nearly hit by a car who pulled out on him in the city centre.

Ethan Smart narrowly missed being hit by the silver Mazda who quickly pulled out on City Walls Road.

Traffic had built up on the city centre dual road on the first day of the Victorian Fayre on Thursday which caused congestion.

The impatient driver swings the car out without checking which is all caught on the 19-year-old's helmet camera.

Later on, he jumps back into the queue of traffic to carry on travelling along the London Road.

The footage has been passed on to West Mercia Police.

Ethan's mum Jennie Smart said: "My son was on his way home from college when this idiot almost hit him.

"He didn't even look. I'm fuming.

"My son was on a moped which is lit up like Blackpool illuminations.

"He would have seen him if he had bothered to look.

"It's just a total disregard for other road users.

"Then just after the lights he pulls back in and goes on up the London Road.

"Worcester traffic is terrible and the Victorian fair just adds to that.

"It does sound like I'm moaning about the fair, I'm not I think it brings in much needed business to our city.

"I'm not concerned about that, I'm more concerned about the recklessness of drivers especially this one in and around Worcester."

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said the offence would come under driving without due care and attention.

She advised people to share footage via Operation Snap which allows people to submit video and photographs of driving offences to police.