Worried residents have joined forces in a bid to free a 'trapped' pigeon from a disused Worcester store.

The campaign to free the boxed in bird was launched on social media after passers by had noticed the pigeon had been behind the glass of what was formerly Ary Mobile repairs in Angel Street for over two months.

Concerned locals say the RSPCA has logged the incident but action is yet to be taken, with worry for the birds welfare growing.

In the meantime, people have been pushing food and water through a gap in the door to help the lonesome pigeon stay healthy while he remains locked up.

Worcester News:

Lara Sysum specialises in pigeon and dove rehabilitation for Help Wildlife, a charity providing advice about sick or injured fauna.

She's been leading the campaign alongside a group of worried animal lovers to help free the pigeon.

She said: "We're stuck for what to do at the moment to be honest, we've spoken to numerous authorities and they're all just pointing at eachother. 

"The fire service has said it can't do anything until they're actioned by the RSPCA, and neither can the police.

"We've had comments from a trustee of the RSPCA on Facebook saying 'look, this isn't something we should have to deal with'.

"And yes we understand the RSPCA are overworked and bombarded, but at the same time, all animals matter.

"Pigeons have the same rights as any other animal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

"Yes, it's just one pigeon, but really it's thousands of pigeons which are being trapped because of buildings not being maintained and council's not issuing landlords with an obligation to keep their buildings up to date."

Miss Sysum says the RSPCA and police did respond to a similar incident in the Gloucester Toys "R" Us when multiple pigeons were released from the store last year.

She's now called for clarity on what the rescue society is willing to deal with.

"The point I'm trying to get across is the public are completely confused as the what the RSPCA can or can't do," she added.

"Yes they deal with a lot of domestic animals, but they do deal with wildlife too, they've even got dedicated wildlife centres.

"I know pigeons aren't top priority but they should be free from suffering, and being trapped in a building is not free from suffering.

"As the general public we can't do anything without authority, so we need a member of authority to help us access the building.

"We've contacted the landlord and to be honest the response we've had is they aren't willing to travel down and let the poor thing out.

"I've even asked for written permission so we can pay for a locksmith and board the place up at our own cost, but we're yet to hear anything back."

Miss Sysum says the pigeon currently looks to be in a healthy condition.

W.J.Daniel & Compamy Limited, which owns the site, has said while there isn't anyone available from management until the new year it is currently searching for a keyholder.

Officers from the RSPCA have now visited Angel Street, however, campaigners say they visited the wrong store, instead going to the empty shop next door.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We are concerned to hear that a pigeon may be trapped in this building and an RSPCA officer attended the location this morning (December 31).

"Although no birds were visible at the time, we have contacted the shop’s previous owner to see if they will allow us access so we can establish what is happening.”