HOODED teenagers broke-in to a cricket clubhouse, smashed windows and left gas canisters on which could have 'blown up' the club.

The frustrated chairman of Worcester Cricket Club at Norton says he has reported the break-in at the club house in Norton, after the culprits also left a replica handgun on a table.

Dormston Cook, chairman, said CCTV showed three hooded teenagers break into the cricket club and left gas cannisters turned on, dented and tore down doors and smashed multiple windows.

He said: "They smashed both kitchen windows.

"They tried to knock off the door, it was dented and moved off the wall.

"They turned on gas canisters and just left them on.

"We keep these in the courtyard behind locked doors but they used the canisters to break into the building.

"It could have blown them up, the club up and any houses in the vicinity of the area.

"It happened between 3.30pm - 4.20pm on Tuesday, December 28.

"They also left a replica hand gun in the middle of the pool room.

"We know now that it's a replica, but we didn't know that at the time walking into the damage.

"It's something that's escalated recently, we're isolated where we are and it is getting beyond a joke.

"Since the footbridge was put in between here and St Peter's, it's gotten a lot worse because it is so much easier for people to get to the place.

"An investigator came out and was here for two or three hours.

"They took finger prints, foot prints and DNA.

"I know that someone was paid a visit yesterday afternoon, so that might be something.

"We are in the process of trying to secure £1m funding for the club but we keep being set back by vandalism.

"It's horrendous, we need more help.

"The police do their best, but I've been here for 30 years and it has definitely gotten worse over the last few years since the footbridge was put in.

"It's getting more and more frustrating for us as a club.

"We've got good CCTV though, so hopefully we will catch them."

West Mercia Police has been contacted for a comment but nobody was available to respond.