A PIGEON trapped in a Worcester shop has been set free at last after animal lovers secured entry to the building.

Lara Sysum provided an update on the bird's plight after visiting the property at Angel Street in the city centre  on Sunday and is now caring for the female pigeon at home.

How we first reported the plight of the poor pigeon

Miss Sysum, who specialises in pigeon and dove rehabilitation for Help Wildlife, attended with Sandra Champken and a locksmith to access the building, a meeting pre-approved by the landlords Daniel Stores and Centrick (the estate agents managing the property).

She said: "We entered the building and caught Miss pigeon (now named Apple Mac) and checked her over. (Yes she’s a little lady!).

We entered the site and checked all five floors including the basement. Contrary to others' belief there are NO access points we can see for the pigeons to be able to get in and out.

"No broken glass at the back of the building (as previously mentioned) there’s actually no windows, doors or entrances to the back of the building.

"We checked all floors for entry points and failed to identify any. The only entry point we could see was a possible chimney on the second floor but the door leading to the second floor was closed.

"Sadly there was a diseased pigeon in the basement which had been clearly there for a couple of months. The basement had no entry areas and was a completely sealed off unit apart from the open door from the shop floor. Birds droppings were only evident on the first floor (shop floor) not even a tiny dropping was found on any other floor.

"Therefore we can only assume the pigeons were trapped from the main shop door, or a very rare possibility it could have been the chimney but we fail to see this possibility given the door to the second story was shut."

Miss Sysum added: "On a good note, 'Apple Mac' has come home with me for some recoup, we’d like to have released her straight away but given her condition we felt it was best she came in for rehab, some good nutrition and also to check her faeces for any disease. Once she’s gained a good amount of weight she will be re released into Worcester city centre."

She added: "I want to say thank you to Denise Theophilus from the 'foundation for feathered friends' and Skye Hollywood for your utter persistence with authorities and getting on top of this!

"I’d also like to thank all the residents including Sandra and Cee for feeding him regularly along with any other members of public that kept this poor pigeon going!"

We have previously reported how a campaign to free the bird was launched on social media after passers by had noticed the pigeon had been behind the glass of what was formerly Ary Mobile repairs in Angel Street for over two months.

Concerned locals say the RSPCA had logged the incident but not taken action.

In the meantime, people had been pushing food and water through a gap in the door.