A NEW mountain biking trail in the Malvern Hills labelled as “dangerous and inappropriate” by a biking group, is due to be closed for safety reasons.

The Malvern Hills Trail Association is a rider led mountain bike co-operative promoting the sport and helping maintain sustainable and established trail networks.

In a Facebook post, a member of the group shared images of the newly formed trail.

The Facebook post reads: “Anyone using the footpath walker, cyclist, disabled person is in danger of riders using this trail as it crosses the footpath and then if you're struggling to stop because of the steep muddy rut it exits straight onto the Jubilee Drive road.

“If you know it maybe it's ok, but if someone who doesn't know the trail rides it, it definitely poses an issue.

“This is a prime example of a dangerous and inappropriately positioned trail. Come on riders, we can do better.”

A spokesman for the Malvern Hills Trail Association said: “The Malvern Hills Trail association is delighted that the sport of mountain biking is seeing more popularity locally and nationally, but we believe this track poses a danger for cyclists and the public and is possibly inappropriately positioned.

“It highlights a bigger issue locally, walkers, ramblers horse riders, runners and cyclists are getting out more and the hills are busier than ever, which is fantastic in this difficult time.

“It is not an isolated issue either, more people are visiting our outdoor spaces and we just want their safety considered.”

The trail was also discovered by a warden over the Christmas period and was reported to the Malvern Hills Trust.

A spokeswoman from the Malvern Hills Trust said, “We are aware of the trail, and we will be taking measures to close it for public safety.

“This is for the safety of the cyclists that are using the trail and for the safety of the general public, as the route crosses a path just above the road."

The Malvern Hills Trail Association and mountain bikers throughout Malvern are holding a volunteer Bridleway clearing day with the Malvern Hills Trust to maintain the Public Rights of Way network on January 20, 2022.