THE parts of Worcester with the biggest rise in coronavirus cases has been revealed.

Public Health England (PHE) said there were 1,392 cases in the city in the seven days up to December 30 - a rise of 47.9 per cent on the previous week.

The latest data shows there were rises in every part of the city, apart from Henwick - which recorded a fall of 7.7 per cent to 48 cases.

Dines Green and St John's, which covers WR2 postcodes including Tybridge Street and Tudor Way, saw the biggest rise with cases up 156.2 per cent to 123 cases.

Warndon West, which covers WR4 postcodes including Cranham Drive, Chatcombe Drive and Landgale Drive, was up 102.9 per cent to 71 cases.

Ronkswood and Nunnery Wood, which covers WR5 postcodes including Newtown Road, Wildwood Drive and Silverdale Avenue, rose 92.9 per cent to 108 cases.

Lower Wick, which covers WR2 postcodes and includes sections of Bransford Road and Malvern Road, went up 84.5 per cent to 107 cases.

Battenhall and Diglis, which covers WR5 postcodes including Battenhall Road, London Road and Spetchley Road, had a 71.4 per cent rise to 144 cases.

Meanwhile King George Field saw a 44.4 per cent rise to 104 cases, Northwick was up 41.5 per cent to 116 cases and Barbourne and Rainbow Hill was up 12.9 per cent to 114 cases.