A determined shop owner in Malvern has reinstated an updated version of their controversial display of a mannequin made to look like a homeless person.

Co-founder and co-director of Amaze, Chris Lee, has adapted the display after the previous one was stolen.

The replacement is a mannequin head poking out of a box, with the message '4 in 10 homeless people live in a place not intended for humans, like this box' written across it.

He said that this message "will be replaced with "Enjoying the snow? Try living in it" should the bad weather come.

He said: "Out of respect for Joby (Sparrey), a homeless person who died on a doorstep three Christmases ago, we took the mannequin down for Christmas.

"I'd taken the head inside for a paint touch up but all the 'body parts' were neatly piled up outside held down by the two bags of gravel that had been the stomach and thighs.

"What a surprise I discovered on the Monday after Christmas - everything had been stolen!

"The wooden body frame, the bags of gravel, the pillows and the sleeping bag together with the two carrier bags of 'possessions' had all been stolen.

"All we have now is the head.

"The head has been touched up and we have put it inside of a giant cardboard box instead.

"It has been reinstated in the same place, on our doorstep.

"It has had a bit of attention and a few comments.

"More people come in and say 'fantastic! It's creating great comment and debate!'

"I've been stopped in the co-op and asked how it's going.

"Apart from one lady who was quite abusive and the one policewoman who was really quite aggressive, the response has been positive.

"People have been offering to help in the shop and donate clothes, one woman even brought a box of satsumas in for all of the people who work here.

"It has got a debate going, it's worked.

"There are lots of people who live in hardship here in Malvern.

"Not everybody will agree with us and I understand that.

"There is a lot of hardship in the world and we are just trying to help.

"We are trying to make people more sympathetic to homelessness.

"It's hard to survive on the streets, especially in the winter when it's cold and wet.

"We are just trying to make people look and think: 'that person might be in trouble, how can I help?'"

Amaze are a Community Interest Company (CIC) on Richmond Road, Malvern.