Mike Stafford wants to be able to pass go and collect his £200 on a new updated Worcester-based Monopoly board

AS the festive season disappears into the rear view mirror, and the fun and family games fade into the warm glow of memory, it’s worth considering one of the delights that the people of Worcester were deprived of in 2021.

Yes, both Worcester residents and exiles alike are unable to buy a newly-minted edition of city-specific Monopoly.

Turning the corner into 2022, it’s fully 16 years since the Faithful City was able to boast its own edition of Monopoly.

A few of the original boards still exist in the wild, but they grow ever older. Some of the names immortalised on them no longer exist within the city, and shoppers wishing to buy a new edition of Worcester Monopoly must make do with the version put out by our transatlantic tribute act: Worcester, Massachusetts.


monopoly dog.

monopoly dog.


Across the world, cities both minor and major are blessed with their own versions of the classic game.

France alone boasts 51 towns and cities immortalised on the iconic coloured spaces.

The denizens of Nîmes, Rennes or Besançon can experience the giddy thrill of bankrupting friends and family in the streets of their home city, but it’s a joy denied to Worcesterfarians.

Worcester is one of England’s oldest and loveliest cities. Across the globe, our name is emblazoned on the condiments and on the heating.

We have a rich history and a proud culture; we comfortably merit a presence in the pantheon of significant cities.

We also, crucially, have a horde of savvy entrepreneurs, designers and third sector mavens who can will a new Monopoly board into existence.

So why not? For Christmas 2022, let’s have the shelves of city stores stocked with our own edition of Monopoly once more.