IT IS a race against time to fulfil the final wish for a man with just weeks to live.

Carol and Mike Hull want to raise £30,000 to buy a mole mapping machine that will give other people a chance to spot melanomas earlier.

The couple, from Witton in Droitwich, have already reached £20,000 but have been given the devastating news that Mr Hull only has weeks left to live.

It will be too late to help Mr Hull, age 67, who was first diagnosed with a melanoma in 2016 and has tried a number of treatments including clinical trials.

Mrs Hull said she wanted to achieve the goal while her husband is still alive to see his efforts were successful.

Mr Hull, a former painter and decorator, said: "This machine will make a really big impact on someone's life.

"It's too late for my life or Carol's life but maybe our children or grandchildren - it's going to benefit them.

"I've been absolutely blown away about how generous and unselfish people have been.

"I'm speechless to be honest.

"There are people who know us and people who don't know us handing us money, it's quite humbling really."

He paid tribute to his "absolutely fantastic" wife of 46 years as the driving force behind the fundraising so far.

The mole mapping machines work like an airport scanner taking a picture of your whole body to find moles and can detect malignant melanomas at an early stage.

There have been walking football tournaments, handmade reindeer and a celebration of Mr Hull's life to raise money.

Ex-colleagues from Redditch firefighters and the prison service are organising another walking football tournament and Mrs Hull is organising knitters to make teddy bears.

Mrs Hull said it was now a raise against time to make sure her husband can see them raise enough to buy the machine for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

"Mike is now at a stage where the tumours have spread everywhere.

"He still looks well, if you look at him you wouldn't think he was actually dying and only has got a few weeks left.

"I just really want to raise that money so he sees the machine.

"It's his legacy and his one last wish really to give something back to other people."

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