THE Bishop of Worcester received a surprise in the post this week.

Dr John Inge posted on Twitter a photograph of the letter, addressed to "The Lord Bishop and his sexy wife".

The letter had no address, simply "Worcester" and the Bishop saw the funny side of things, thanking Royal Mail for managing to get the letter to him.

In his Tweet, he said: "Good old Royal Mail. This arrived safely yesterday."

When asked in the replies to the tweet who had sent the letter, he replied that is came from someone "wise and discerning."

Speaking to The Telegraph, he said: "When I married my wife people said I was punching above my weight and I have to agree.

"We both found it very funny when the letter arrived addressed in that way."

According to the Telegraph, Ms Colston was as pleased as her husband to be addressed in such complimentary terms.

“She thought it was very amusing and was happy for me to tweet it,” said Dr Inge. “I’m all for Twitter being fun and not just for miserable things.”

The letter to Dr Inge came from a friend who had earlier joked with him about how to address him properly in writing.

The Bishop’s tweet prompted widespread amusement, with observers wondering which piece of information was the deciding factor for Worcester’s Royal Mail staff in identifying its proper recipient.

“Can’t help wondering whether it was the first or the second line of the address that provided the clinching piece of information,” said Gareth Thomas, Emeritus Professor of Employment Law at University of East Anglia on Twitter.

Dr Inge’s first wife Denise died of cancer in 2014 aged just 51 and left behind two children. When he became engaged to H-J he said: “to have found love again is a most wonderful thing and I feel immensely blessed.”

Dr John Inge married his wife H-J Colston at St Katherine's Church in Holt, near Bath, in January 2018, after knowing each other for 20 years.