DEAR Editor – I feel compelled to respond to the letter of Mr John Reynolds (Where are the bridge users, January 6) about the lifesaving bridge that crosses the busy dual carriageway connecting Lower wick [Old Road] with Powick where he sarcastically infers that few people are using it. 

I’m not sure how long he has been observing or indeed at what times but I use it quite frequently and always meet someone [cyclist or pedestrian] on my journey.

Quite frequently it is too a person pushing a pram, with children within, who are thereby being set an excellent example that they surely will follow when they are older.

The bridge has brought “liberation” to many who have to make the journey across this busy thoroughfare and its cost is but an essential investment in all our futures which pales in significance to the recent waste of our national finances by authorities in government  (via their cronyism)!

Congratulations to those who had the vision to make this investment, and above all those who by their diligent work brought it to fruition!

Arddwr Meunier