X-FACTOR star Cher Lloyd shared family photographs of a special 'first' with her three-year-old daughter.

The Malvern singer was enjoying family time with daughter Delilah Rae and her husband Craig Monk at a ten-pin bowling alley.

Pop singer Cher shared the pictures of her family's day out on Instagram captioning them "Delilah's first time bowling."

And it was certainly beginner's luck as the little girl was beating her mum and dad in a picture shared by Cher Lloyd.

She posted the pictures to her Instagram Stories on Saturday.

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Recently, Cher Lloyd has been suspected of being one of the contestants on ITV's Masked Singer.

Viewers believe she may be the singer inside the panda costume of the show.

Kate Sanderson wrote on Twitter: "I think Panda could be Cher Lloyd."

Wayne Pontin said: "Panda is Cher Lloyd I can hear her."

Kelly Edmunds added: "I think Panda is Cher Lloyd."

ITV also tweeted a video of Panda next to a sign saying 'Talent Show Musical Night' and asked who people thought may be Panda.

One replied: "Cher Lloyd - she was on a talent show and was at the panda rock out in 2012."