Worcester MP and schools standards minister, Robin Walker  says he would support reducing the isolation period for covid-19 to five days if the science supported it.

The MP faced questions from the education committee yesterday regarding covid restriction easing in schools.

Mr Walker said:  “You’ll have seen all the debates about seven days versus five days.

“I think if the scientific advice shows that five days is safe, I would welcome a move in that direction.”

Mr Walker said, “The evidence is constantly strengthening about the protection that vaccination, in particular boosters, give you from serious illness and that’s something we hope parents will take into account wherever possible.

“Of course, we also recognise that there are going to be different parents with different situations about their vulnerability.”

Earlier this month, the self-isolation period was reduced to seven days, providing an LFD test produces a negative result.

Examinations are also returning this year with GCSE, AS and A level exams all being reintroduced to the curriculum.

Robin Walker MP also said to the Worcester News: “ It is good to see that school examinations are looking to go ahead in 2022.

“I have heard from many headteachers that they did not like the teacher assessed grading system that was put in place during the height of the pandemic.

“We are easing the exam format back into the curriculum through sensible adjustments, like providing certain exam aids for students during the tests and publishing early information regarding the examinations in February.

“To go straight back to 2019 grading after two years would be unfair, so grades will remain slightly inflated due to the changes but will be less than last year.”

Students will also benefit from provided formulae sheets for GCSE science and maths exams and a choice of topics and content to be assessed on.