A SPECIALIST dance retailer in Worcester has launched a YouTube video series racking up thousands of views.

La Danse has created videos explaining the preparation and care of pointe shoes after numerous requests from customers.

Owner of La Danse, Britt Needham, said: “During a pointe fitting, there is a lot of information to give to the dancer. 

"Customers regularly ask me to record the information so I came up with the idea to create a series of YouTube videos. 

"I have been humbled by their success! 

"My customers love them; preparing pointe shoes for the first time can be daunting and customers tell me they have helped significantly.”

Britt began the videos during the third lockdown.

It took 100 hours of filming and editing to make the nine part series. To date, the videos have been viewed more than 8,000 times.

As part of the fitting service, La Danse has created a pod within the shop. 

Britt went on to say: “Pointe shoes cannot be supplied online as they have to be properly fitted.

"My fitting service requires close contact, but only with customer’s feet.

"So, I knew I needed a cubicle with space for feet to pop out!

"New pointe dancers need a barre for support so that had to be incorporated as well.

"This fitting pod has allowed me to streamline and grow as a specialist business.

"The fitting pod and appointment system is going strong and La Danse continues to provide a safe, professional fitting service throughout each wave of the pandemic.

"My customers show their appreciation by returning time and time again.”

La Danse is situated in The Hopmarket in Worcester.

Bill Simpson, Chairman of The Hopmarket Charitable Trust said: “We are really proud of Britt at La Danse; adapting her business during the pandemic has really paid off and the services she provides continue to grow. 

"Congratulations to her and her team!"

Further videos will become available as new research emerges. You can view their current videos here.