STAFF made redundant at a Worcester company claim they are still yet to receive money owed to them.

Alex Nicholls, the managing director of Diglis-based SME Broker Services International, previously told us the firm has been saved after recent financial trouble.

And he told us staff were paid "on time" for their December wages.

But after the previous story was published some staff of the former firm contacted the Worcester News claiming in fact they were yet to receive December wages owed by the company.

A former broker at the firm, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I was supposed to get paid on the 23rd, that didn't happen.

"I'm owed £1,600. Christmas Eve staff were told the company had gone bust, but the same day staff were told the company had been rescued.

"It gets to the 30th, payslips were sent out but no payment.

"I am annoyed - I still haven't been paid. I had to borrow money to pay bills and my rent so now I'm in debt."

This paper has also seen a letter sent out to those made redundant in which it said: "You can claim for your wages owed via the government website.

"You will need your CN number - this will be provided to you at the soonest possible time."

But another former employee has claimed staff made redundant had not been told who the administrators were to be able to claim unpaid wages.

We approached Mr Nicholls but he declined to comment on the matter.

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In a leaked email the company's staff were told last month: "I will be calling everyone, individually, to discuss those that will still be employed via a new phoenix company.

"Not all of you will have a job. Those that don't can claim wages owed via the government.

"Technically and contractually the wages aren't due until the end of the month - at this point we have just failed to deliver on a statement that we'd pay wages early (on December 23)."

After the email was sent a JustGiving page was set up entitled: "This page is set up for the employees of SME Broker Services International who have been left without their December wages on Christmas Eve."

The page shows £110 was raised.

Earlier this week Mr Nicholls said in a statement: "Unfortunately, SME Broker Services International Ltd faced financial troubles in December 2021 due to Covid as well as the energy crisis - energy companies make up a large proportion of our clientele, as shown on our website.

"The company has entered administration, however, every staff member but one have been offered a new position at a new phoenix SME Broker Services entity.

"This is backed by an investor, meaning around 20 jobs have been saved. This is similar to what we did in January 2019."