A DECAYING former city pub could finally be demolished to make way for flats under new plans.

The proposals would see the eyesore Crown and Anchor watering hole in Worcester’s Hylton Road knocked down and replaced with a four-storey block with seven apartments.

The pub, which has been empty for several years and is in a poor condition, was the target of an arson attack last year.

Several residents in Hylton Road and neighbouring Henwick Road have objected to the plan saying the apartment block would not fit in with surrounding buildings and would add to parking woes in the area.

In an objection to the city council, Gaynor Slade of Hylton Road, said: “I am dismayed by the proposal to erect a four-storey seven unit build in the limited space that was previously only able to accommodate a small two-storey public house.

“The build is not in keeping with the local area and will not blend in with the existing residencies.”

Also objecting, Brian Ovington of Henwick Road said: “It is extremely unlikely that the owners of the apartments will not have cars which will only exacerbate the on-street parking on surrounding roads with many HMOs in the vicinity and pressure from university students looking for spaces and I would be surprised if that meets current standards for new build properties.

“The overall design of the new building is much greater in size and is out of character with surrounding dwellings on Hylton Road, those close by being either two storeys or bungalows.

“Whilst I would support a development more in line with the original design, this proposal is quite out of character with the surrounding area and is definitely an overdevelopment.”

In another objection, Geraldine Cooper, also of Hylton Road, said: “I am extremely concerned about the proposed planning for seven apartments.

“Firstly, the impact on a number of adjacent properties, and those nearby will be massive, their right to light and privacy will be greatly impeded.

“It seems no thought has been given to the effect on the neighbours or neighbourhood.

“The size and style is totally out of character for the area.”