A POTENTIAL offender involved with Warndon Villages recent 'car crime wave' is being investigated, police have confirmed.

A picture of a man alleged to have been trying car doors in the area appeared on a Facebook group recently.

PCSO David Anderson said: "Somebody has been reported to us for trying car doors handles.

"I'm unsure if it is the same person (pictured on social media), but we have had a couple of reports from different people. He is currently being looked into."

The man pictured appears to be the same as the one police are investigating as, after it was posted on Warndon Villages Community Group, Warndon Parish Council's vice chairman, Andrew Cross, appealed for him to be reported providing a police email to do so.

Giving an update on the police response to the crime wave that has hit Warndon Villages in the past year, PCSO Anderson said patrols stepped up before Christmas remained in place.

"Patrols are still going out and around Warndon Villages," PCSO Anderson said.

"We are being quite proactive. We are working hard to apprehend any of the offenders, we are looking at all angles.

"If people see anything suspicious, if they witness anything or see it on their doorbell cameras or CCTV, call 101 straightaway. Even if its just something out the ordinary still call 101 - nobody would be criticised for making a report."

PCSO Anderson added he currently couldn't say if there was update on anyone being arrested or charged in relation to their investigations.

The wave has seen vehicles stolen from driveways, and a spate of car breaks in and attempted breaks ins across Warndon Villages.

Detective Inspector Dave Knight, based at Worcester Police Station, previously also told us: "Op Transformer is in place to combat vehicle crime.

"We also have officers dedicated to recognising those vehicle crime series that are taking place so that we can take every opportunity we can to arrest and bring the offenders to justice. South Worcestershire Police are working with our community safety partners to combat this issue in various ways."

Anyone with information should call police on 101, or report crimes or give information through the police website westmercia.police.uk/contact/af/contact-us.